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7 tips for preparing your car for winter

Cold weather presents some of the most challenging driving conditions. When winter arrives, it is important to understand the differences in your vehicle, and with forecasts predicted to plummet pretty soon, we’ve put together seven of our top tips on how to prepare you car. From simple winter car checks, such as checking your exterior lights are working, to fitting the winter tyres, we have it covered below.

Buy breakdown cover

Whether your car conks out on the motorway in snow, or you accidentally locked your keys inside whilst de-icing, a breakdown policy could save you hundreds of pounds. Comprehensive cover starts at a very minimal amount per year, and so driving without it could potentially cost you in call-out fees, which are sometimes quite hefty amounts.

Get your vehicle serviced

If you want to have complete confidence in your car this coming winter, be sure to get it serviced. If you’ve been told by a professional that your car is in complete running order, then you are sure to feel more confident about your winter commutes. During the service, ask your garage to check and replace the anti-freeze in the radiator, this is sure to give you extra protection against a winter-related breakdown. With the winter months approaching, now is exactly the time to invest in a new battery as well. The majority of car batteries have two to four years of life, and so if yours is older than this be sure to consider replacing it before it gives up when you are miles away from home.

Watch out for warnings

When there’s a weather warning on the news, or the police are advising you to only drive if urgent, be sure to take these recommendations seriously. Give some thought about whether it is necessary for you to make that journey, and don’t go out in your car unless it is unavoidable.

Have a clear windscreen

 Is your screen washer running low? Or are your wiper blades worn? This isn’t good during the winter. The colder months are a sucker for visibility being dramatically reduced, while a low sun highlights every smear on the screen. To avoid this, you should replace your windscreen wipers if needed and top up your screen washer. Be sure to add less water to the concentrate solutions, making it less likely to freeze over. Never be tempted to start driving your vehicle without fully clearing your windows of ice and condensation. If you cause an accident because you couldn’t see clearly, your car insurance could rocket significantly.

Keep your lights clear

 During the winter months, it isn’t only your windscreen that gets grimy. You should wipe your lights on a regular basis and also check the bulbs. Be confident that road users can see you.

Check your tyres

Are your tyres going to last this winter? Even though some of us would choose to not to kit out our car with expensive snow tyres, there are other ways to help get your wheels through the winter months. You should check that they have a suitably deep tread, and ensure that they are inflated to the recommended amount. These tips will ensure that your tyres can grip the road in icy conditions.

Pack some essentials

As well as blankets and warm clothing, you should take a few minutes to pack some winter gear in your car. If you do so, you are sure to be in a better place to cope with any freezing conditions. Carry a torch, battery jump leads, de-icer and scraper, first aid kit and shovel if you are experiencing snow. This may sound silly, but pack some sunglasses. This is so that the low winter sun doesn’t make it difficult for you to see the road ahead.

Additionally, make sure that your phone is fully charged before leaving your destination. We at My Big Green Fleet have numerous cars available to #buy and #lease during the upcoming winter months. With many offers currently available on 4x4s, SUVs and Hatchbacks, be sure to contact us today.

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Posted on 11th October 2017 at 11:25 AM

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